About Me

Animal Farm

Hello, my name is Daniel Orchard, I am a professional 3D Artist and Photographer living in my hometown of London, UK, focusing on game and pre-vis development. I have a strong background in 3D game assets, and have been working in the film & game industry for the last year.

I am currently looking for a job in the games industry as a Junior/Standard 3D Artist.

Work Timeline

The Imaginarium Studio's [2012 - 2013]

For the last year I have been working at The Imaginarium Studio's within Ealing Film Studios, London. Founded by Andy Serkis, I have been part of the motion capture team, working on stage with the recording of animation, and in the post processing of the data. I have also had the chance to work under the head 3D artist to help produce the pre-visualization for the upcoming film 'Animal Farm'. Through this role I have worked with AAA title companies, learnt pipelines for high budget films and games, worked on stage with some fantastic industry professionals and been credited in some big projects.

Video Production Equipment Staff Member. University of Portsmouth [2011-2012]

Worked with high end video and audio production equipment.

British Ministry of Defence & The Royal Navy [2011-2012]

Technical team leader on a 9 month temporary contract to produce a mobile application for a specific naval usage as part of a University project to work with external contractors.

Shipped/Upcoming Commercial Projects:




I also am a keen photographer, it has proven to be a great side skill as I have been able to apply technical aspects such as knowledge of composition and lighting to my digital work. I built and run a photography website in my spare time – http://aperture9.com